Safescape works alongside police officers, school officials, religious leaders, parents and students to boost the communities’ ability to collectively respond to emergency situations. Safescape analyzes existing emergency plans across all key institutions, fills the gaps in communication wherever needed and maintains the connection across all parties.

Safescape – Preparedness as one.


SafeScape is driven by our value system.  As parents, engaged citizens, and proud Americans, we are driven by our passion for safer communities. 


Our school leaders, parents and police officers are experts dealing with an ever-changing world of real and serious threats. Safescape supports them in this carrying out this important civic duty.


All children have the right to grow, learn and play without fear and all citizens should feel safe in their place of worship. Ensuring this right is the core vision Safescape works to implement everyday.


Emergency situations cannot be avoided, but the impact can be mitigated through thoughtful and coordinated preparation.


Safety is not the responsibility of few, but rather the obligation of all. When plans are shared and communication frequent, everyone is better prepared to respond.


When prepared, you are better able to act. Emergency situations are chaotic; however, with preparation and plans in place the response can be more deliberate.


The key institutions that serve our community cannot be effective on their own. It takes the collaborative efforts of everyone involved to effectively prepare for emergency situations.